Monash University

Named after prominent Australian Sir John Monash, Monash University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1958, making it the first university to be established in the State of Victoria for 106 years.

From its first intake of 347 students at Clayton in 1961, the University grew rapidly in size and student numbers so that by 1967, it had more than 7000 students.

In the decades that followed, Monash developed a wide range of courses in arts, commerce, engineering, education, law, medicine and science. It also established new buildings across the Clayton site and created a thriving cultural atmosphere with outstanding performing arts and concert programs and a growing collection of contemporary Australian art.

In 1990, Monash moved beyond the borders of Clayton and merged with the Chisholm Institute of Technology, creating the university’s Caulfield and Peninsula campuses. This was followed by the establishment of the Gippsland campus, which, after an initial period as Monash University College Gippsland, officially became part of the Monash University family in 1991. The following year, the Victorian College of Pharmacy joined the rapidly growing university as the Parkville campus.

The growth continued apace with the establishment of a new campus in Berwick in 1994 within the south-eastern growth corridor of Melbourne.

In 1998, the Malaysian Ministry of Education invited Monash to set up a campus in Malaysia jointly with the Sunway Group. Monash University Malaysia was established in 1998 — the first Monash campus outside Australia. A second off-shore campus was opened in South Africa in 2001.

From a single campus at Clayton with fewer than 400 students, Monash has grown into a network of campuses, centres and partnerships around the world with more than 59,000 students from over 170 countries.

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