TAFE – Technical and Further Education

TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education and is a network of government owned colleges located across Perth and Western Australia. TAFE Western Australia (WA) has over 100,000 Australian and 4500 international students studying a wide range of certificates, diplomas and associate degrees.

A Wide Range of Courses
In Australia, more people study at TAFE than university. This is because TAFE courses are shorter, more practical, less expensive and closely linked to industry. Most courses also include an on the job work experience component which ensures the student gains the practical skills and industry knowledge that employers are looking for. This is one of the reasons why TAFE is so popular for students interested in future employment and migration opportunities in Australia.

Our ten TAFE Colleges offer over 100 diploma courses in areas including Hospitality & Tourism, Commercial Cookery & Bakery, Business & Accounting, Art & Design, Beauty & Fashion, Nursing, Aged Care, Child Care, Community Welfare Work, Engineering, Computing & IT, Mass Comm & Multimedia, Health & Fitness, Horticulture, Commercial Pilot License, Aircraft Engineering, Animal Studies and English Language Courses. We have recently introduced a range of construction trade courses that are in high demand by Australian industry and are on the Commonwealth Government’s Skills Occupation List. These courses include bricklaying, tiling, plastering and carpentry.

Why Choose Us?
Flexible Starting Points and Packaged Programs
One of the reasons TAFE is so popular is that we have flexible starting points and pathways that suit each individual. For example, if you’ve only finished 11 years of school or ‘O’ levels, you might begin by doing a Certificate III. Or if you’ve finished 12 years of school or ‘A’ levels you may start at the Diploma level or Associate Degree. If your English needs improving before you start, you can begin by studying one of our intensive English language programs.

We can organise complete study packages to meet your needs. This may include English studies followed by a TAFE diploma and then directly into the second year of a university bachelor degree. We’ll arrange the timing so that you can smoothly move from one to the other and enable you to apply for a student visa for the entire package.

Employment Opportunities
Western Australia is Australia’s fastest growing state and strongest economy. This strong economy has resulted in a low unemployment rate of 4% and a shortage of skilled labour across many industries. Therefore there are plenty of job opportunities for people with practical skills like those gained in our TAFE Certificate & Diploma courses. All students are legally allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during semester and as much as they want during holiday periods.

Because of the booming economy and severe labour shortage the minimum wage for most unskilled jobs in Perth is approximately $A17 per hour. Therefore TAFE students are able to cover most (if not all) of their living costs through part-time employment.

Government Owned and Quality Assured
Our TAFE Colleges are all owned, funded and operated by the Western Australian Government. All of our programs, curriculum and teaching methods are accredited and regularly assessed to maintain the highest standards. TAFE is easily the largest provider of post-secondary education in Western Australia and has provided quality training for over 100 years.

Official Website : http://www.eti.wa.edu.au/studying-at-tafe/study-at-tafe-wa.html