Polytechnic West

What We Are About

As Swan TAFE, we were one of Western Australia’s leading drivers in setting the training agenda.

The training market at state, national and international levels has changed. We have recognised the need to keep ahead of these changes.

Polytechnic Westis the result.

The Polytechnic West name appeals to our wide and diverse group of clients; the logo conveys a meaningful and contemporary image—to our students, our staff and our industry stakeholders. It is an image that truly reflects our direction.

At Polytechnic West, you’ll receive more than knowledge: you’ll get the practical skills needed to carve out your career.

You know us for our flexible, accessible training, but did you know that over 30,000 students come to us each year to learn their trade, vocation or take on higher education?Now it’s your turn. As WA’s largest training provider, you’ll train with the experts in your field, giving you opportunities to get out there and do your thing while still studying, so you’re ready to deal with the work place.

As Polytechnic West we are be better positioned to take advantage of the significant opportunities that are presented to our students. As Polytechnic West, we will enhance our prominence as Western Australia’s leading provider of trade training, and importantly, lends a status consistent with our position as the only publicly funded training provider of applied Higher Education qualifications in the state.

Why polytechnic?
Broadly, polytechnic means many skills. Whether they be the skills you possess or the skills we have to offer.

What the logo represents
The logo can, and does, represent many things. In the end, it is up to you how it is perceived.

The rings convey the centres of excellence the Minister of Training and Workforce Development refers to as part of building WA’s flexible and innovative training system.

Western Australia is also visually represented within these rings. They also represent the growth of you as a person, and of our organisation. The more skills you gain, the more you develop, and the more Polytechnic West and the state of Western Australia grow.

Official Website : http://www.polytechnic.wa.edu.au