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After graduating from Tshung Tsin in year 2007, I approached Mr. Wong from Perth to discuss about further study in Perth, Western Australia. He has been guiding me from the very start by helping me with course consultation, visa application as well as settling down here in Perth. I am now in my final semester as a 3rd year Medical Science student. Throughout these 3 years, Mr. Wong has always shown concern about our studies as well as giving good advice. University life has been great, thanks to

Perth has assisted my son to enroll in Canning College’s Western Australia University Foundation Program in year 2009. During his stay in Perth, Mr. Wong visited him regularly and even assisted him to move to a homestay nearer to his college. After completing the Foundation program, my son moved on to study in UK. Enrolling him into the Foundation program in Canning College was a good move as that program is widely recognized by most universities in Australia, UK, and other overseas institutions.

My two children are well taken care of by Perth……from admission, student visa application, airport pick up….to accommodation. My son is now studying in Perth’s West Polytechnic. I would not have done all these personally without Perth……Well done!

Staff from Perth has given us worry free service in helping my two sons and a nephew in 2010. They are now studying in Canning College and a Government high school in Perth. Many thanks …..Strongly recommended agent to everyone…

Perth has assisted my four children to enroll in various courses in Perth’s Canning College since 2007. One of my children has already graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree; two of them are now studying in different Universities in Perth while the other one is studying in UK….excellent service provided by Perth, highly recommended service to parents who want to send their children to Perth…

My daughter was enrolled in Diploma of Hospitality through Perth in 2010. Service by them was excellent. They assisted her to enroll in the course, applied for her student visa, and provided guidance throughout the entire process. Great service!

In January 2011, my wife and I accompanied my son to Perth for his orientation program at Canning College. Upon arrival in Perth airport, Richard from picked us up for dinner before sending us to our accommodation. In the next day, he took us to the supermarket, to the bank, arranged mobile phone for my son, and visited the campus of Canning College and Curtin University where my son is going to study in the next four years. We are very grateful for his personal attention given to us especially to our son. We can now rest assured that my son is in good hands and he can concentrate in his studies. We do not see any reasons for not using the service of… cost you nothing at all……

Mr. Wong from Perth came to Tambunan personally to explain about my son’s study plan. When everything is ready, he accompanied my son to Perth, settled his accommodation, helped him in opening bank account etc. My son will be completing 1st year university study in Curtin University by June 2011. What more can I say other than to thank him for helping me and my son.